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WordPress Web Design

WordPress is the most popular website design & development platform in the World, powering some 34% of sites on the internet.

WordPress has an over 60% market share of CMS (Content Management System) powered websites.


WordPress is easy to use when you need to make changes to your own website such as editing prices or adding a news item.


WordPress sites are by far the easiest kind of website to optimise for keywords, internal links, Schema and more.


WordPress is complemented by thousands of ‘plugins’ to add additional functionality.

WordPress Web Design

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) type of website. It uses a database of styles, images, designs, code and text content to dynamically create and display pages.

We can use WordPress to create any kind of professional website, from a simple one-page site to a hugely complex one such as a catalogue or shopping site.

We moved over to WordPress as our primary website development platform many years ago. All of our client sites were upgraded over time so that all now benefit.

We manage and host WordPress websites for Hotels, Restaurants, Shops, Engineers, Local Tradesmen, Charities, Schools, Venues, Entertainers, Sales Teams, Staff Agencies, Sports & Community Organisations and many more.

We provide VPS WordPress Hosting which is both fast and secure. Most websites are hosted on shared platforms, meaning that thousands of sites all have to fight over the same resources. This makes them insecure, slow and liable to glitches.

Contact us for pricing and more information on our Designs and plans.

Smart Marketing Services

Get on the first page of google through SEO!

Site Assessment

We can review audit your current web site and report on our findings and suggest a path forward to improve your internet standing.

Kelowna Web Design

At Global Soft Technologies, we can design a web site for you using a multitude of design options.

Directory Design

We specialize in the ListingPro Directory Theme. We can install most Directory Themes such as AdForest, Amelia appointment software and others as well.

Wordpress Management

Expert management for WordPress websites. SEO infrastructure, News Management, Daily Backups, Plugin updates, security checks, ,and more.

SEO Consulting

Improve the visibility of your website on the major search engines to attract enquiries. All work conforms to the very latest Google Guidelines.

SEO Audits

Worried that your ‘SEO Agency’ or Digital Marketing Agency are not quite doing their job? This is a common issue. We provide discreet audits of your current agency, letting you know if your money is being well spent or not.

Page Speed Boost

Google now ranks websites based on page loading times. Our service makes your site pass the PageSpeed test and load blindingly fast.

VPS Web Hosting

Secure, blazingly fast, US-based website hosting packages far above the norm. We use VPS Hosting ONLY rather than slow shared hosting. Free setup and migration.

SEO Marketing

We can assist in SEO Marketing utilizing SEO Professional tools to get you into search engines effortlessly. See for further info.

Content Marketing

Content is King. Our writers help to convert your visitors from browsers into informed buyers - for your business.

User Experience

Slow or awkward websites are a no-no! We improve user experience to increase your conversion rates.

Content Writing

Professional Content Writing, Proofreading and Editing services for website blogs, articles and pages.

Web Design & SEO Optimization