Behind Global Soft Technologies

Our Team

Fred Sadowick


Technical SEO Lead
Kelowna, BC, Canada

Fred Sadowick founded Global Soft Technologies in 1995. Starting with a background in Instrumentation, he took to the internet like fish to water and started up at the start of the internet as we know it, hosting clients web sites from around the world.  He had spent over 20 years helping new entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground, but wanted to offer more. He now spends his time designing, hosting and maintaining web sites while making additional contacts and focusing his efforts on matching business owners and executives with consultants who could help make their business shine.

Mr. Sadowick also spent his time volunteering with organizations to help young entrepreneurs get on their feet, providing mentoring to a number of business owners and spends leisure time playing a mean game of pool.

Chris Giles


Creative SEO Lead
Lancashire, UK

Chris Giles has been developing successful websites since 1995. His work has covered websites for small local businesses right up to international human rights organizations.

Every website is different, honed to reflect his clients’ existing branding or designed from scratch. His creations are user-friendly thanks to our deep understanding of user experience on the internet. Whether your business website has a target of increased website traffic, lead generation, online sales, or providing information – he has a plan.

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